Lindsay Lohan Has Apparently Adopted Some Strange New Accent: Listen to It!

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Lindsay Lohan is now the part-owner of LOHAN nightclub in Athens, Greece

Lindsay Lohan has been living mostly overseas these days, which perhaps explains why she’s developed a new accent that seems to be befuddling the internet.

Lohan was recently in Athens, Greece, talking to reporters, and this is what she sounds like:

Twitter started commenting almost immediately. “I can’t stop watching. It’s kinda Irish, kinda ambiguous Euro, w a dash of Aussie,” tweeted one follower. “lmao thats kind of russia meets irish lindsay lohan,” noted another.

Lohan isn’t the first American celebrity to adopt an accent late in life. Madonna got flack when she started using a British accent after living in London and marrying Guy Ritchie in 2001.

Gwyneth Paltrow, too, came under fire when she started speaking in a British accent in real life after proving she was adept at it in films (and also marrying British singer Chris Martin). She even spoofed herself while hosting Saturday Night Livein 1999, delivering her opening monologue in full-on British mode and dodging questions from cast members on where she was from in England.

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