What Are Ryan Lochte’s Plans Now That He’s Been Eliminated from ‘DWTS’?

Ryan Lochte Wants to Do a Reality Show with His Fiancée
Ryan Lochte wants to be more than just a swimmer

Ryan Lochte isn’t too upset about his Dancing With the Stars elimination because now he can take the time to concentrate on his upcoming nuptials to fiancée Kayla Rae Reid.

Lochte, who got the boot on Monday night’s (Oct. 31, 2016) show, told People, “Now that the show is over for me I can sit down, take a deep breath and start thinking about the wedding. That’s what we’re going to be doing for the next nine months, 10 months, or however long until our wedding date.”

She is beautiful inside and out

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The Olympic swimmer had no illusions he would actually win the mirrored ball trophy and is grateful for the time he spent. “The people, the friendships that I’ve made here — we’re pretty much a second family now. Now I’m saying goodbye, it’s sad. I’ll be back in two weeks for the finale, though, so I can’t say all my goodbyes yet.”

After causing a scandal at the 2016 Rio Olympics when he lied about being robbed, Lochte received some backlash during his time on DWTS, including dealing with protesters who rushed him on stage after his debut.

Lochte said the whole thing was a learning experience. “No matter how hard people knock me down, I can still get up and keep fighting no matter what. Just keep moving forward and staying positive.”

His dancing partner Cheryl Burke seconded that. “Just getting to know him [has been my favorite part]. Showing America that he’s just a normal guy. I guess [it] stops people from judging when you don’t really know somebody. Ryan is really down to earth, humble — he’s just a normal dude. If I had a brother, I would compare him to that.”