Hilary Duff’s Boyfriend Wasn’t the Only One Who Wore an Insensitive Native American Costume This Halloween

What Is Cultural Appropriation?
Let Zendaya explain it to you.

As it turns out, Jason Walsh wasn’t the only one who offended a lot of people with his Native American costume this year. For Halloween, Glee alum Becca Tobin and her friends also donned some aboriginal garb. What’s maybe even worse: she’s unapologetic about it.

While Hilary Duff and her boyfriend eventually issued a mea culpa for dressing up as a pilgrim and a Native American chief at a Halloween party, Tobin took it upon herself to block anyone on Twitter who tried to address the problematic outfit. In fact, she even went as so far as to employ the “It’s not offensive! I know a Native American!” excuse.

“Before everyone freaks the fuck out, he is Native American,” the 30-year-old said in a Snapchat video showing her fiancé Zach Martin in a native headdress. (In a now-deleted Instagram post, Martin claimed he is one-sixteenth Native American.)

When a fan tweeted that they were “happy” to see Tobin express interest in Native American culture and suggested she read up about the ongoing protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline currently happening at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the actress quickly banned the Twitter user from seeing her feed.

“I don’t understand. You excused your friend’s costume bc he’s allegedly native but what’s your excuse? This breaks my heart,” another fan wrote. Their account was subsequently blocked as well.

Tobin and Martin have erased all traces of their costumes from social media. But as many know, things on the internet can never really be deleted. Here’s what people are saying now: