5 Things We Learned from Bruno Mars About Beyoncé, Adele and His Upcoming Album

Bruno Mars Says Adele Is a Bit of a Diva
Bruno Mars spilled some hot tea about everyone's favorite, Adele, as well as his new album, 24k Magic

Bruno Mars has been in the studio for months, working on his upcoming album 24K Magic, due out this month. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mars talked about the difficulties he’s had creating new music, how he found a great collaborator in Adele, and what he and Beyoncé did to prepare for their Super Bowl performance.

Here are five takeaways:

1. It’s hard making an album.

Mars’ last album was in 2012, and he admitted he’s forgotten how it all works. “We’re at the point now where we’re losing our fucking minds. My engineer’s going crazy; he wants to kill me. This process is just such a weird process. Sitting in this freezing-ass-cold box trying to come up with songs.”

Writing songs is especially difficult. “Bro, it’s the hardest. Every beat has already been made, every rhyme has already been said, every chord progression has already been done. I’m competing with billions of other songs … It’s like winning the lottery – you just gotta get lucky.”

2. He gets a lot of inspiration from sitting in his car, listening to his music in the driveway.

The driveway is where he does some of his best work: “We’ve worked on songs till 3 or 4 in the morning, like, ‘This is gonna be the first single!’ – and the minute I take it to the car, it’s so obvious we were tripping. Something happens when you roll down your window and you can hear the traffic and real noise – the way people are actually going to hear it… Even if I do get a new car one day. That thing’s gonna be parked on the side of the house.”

CREDIT: Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone

3. Collaborating with Adele was dope.

Mars collaborated with Adele for a track on her newest album, 25, called “All I Ask.” They really worked well together, except for the one time they disagreed on a lyric, in which Adele sings, “Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do.”

Mars explained, “We were aiming for that big, diva, ballad thing – that’s what I envisioned. “But ‘lovers’? I don’t know if anybody really says ‘lovers.’ ‘Yeah, we’re lovers.’ ‘This is my lover.’ I was like, ‘Should we rethink that?’ But [Adele] was so gangster about it,” he said. “She was like, ‘Nope. That’s what it has to be.’ And she was right. It’s this grand word that makes the song bigger because no one says it. Because nobody talks like that, it pops out. It’s not ‘what boyfriends-and-girlfriends do’ – it’s this over-the-top ‘lovers.’ Sometimes I play it on the piano, and I look forward to singing that part. It’s fucking perfect.” The lesson: “Don’t try to be cool. Let it be what it wants to be.”

4. He plays at weddings, especially if they’re in Lake Como, Italy.

Mars recently performed at the wedding of Spotify founder Daniel Ek in the lovely Italian town. “But you weren’t supposed to know about that,” Mars winked. “I’ve been doing weddings since I was eight. It’s 101. It’s back to basics. What are you going to do at this bar mitzvah? Can you rip up a talent show at the high school auditorium? It’s healthy to go back to that.”

5. He and Queen Bey dieted before the Super Bowl, except when they broke said diet.

The singer said, “Me and Beyoncé were both working on our diets, stressing out. Then the day before, we’re watching playback backstage, and she’s eating a bag of Cheetos. I’m like, ‘That’s what you’re doing?'” He mimes Beyoncé popping a Cheeto in her mouth. “She’s like, ‘There’s nothing more we can do these last two days. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. So I’m gonna enjoy this bag of Cheetos.'”

Still, he was amazed at how she prepares for a show. “She’s not fucking joking around. She’s going to get onstage and show everybody why she’s the best every single time. She’s got that monster in her.”

Read the whole interview here.

Mars also recently played for BBC1’s Live Lounge, covering Adele’s “All I Ask” and his new single, “24K Magic”.