Take a Look at Kesha’s Two New Tattoos

Dr. Luke Responds to New Kesha Interview: ‘She Exiled Herself’
Earlier today, New York Times Magazine published a brand new interview...

Kesha appears poised to make a big comeback in the world of pop music, and judging from new latest tattoos, she’s taking no prisoners this time around!

Yesterday (Nov. 1, 2016), the performer shared a photo of a small smiley face on her middle finger: a message to those who doubted she would come back after her years-long legal battle with producer Dr. Luke.

But Kesha didn’t stop there. She got a second tattoo of a narwhal to remind herself of her Halloween getup from this year’s escapades.

Considering the 29-year-old’s well-documented love for unicorns and whales, her affection for the tusked sea creature really shouldn’t come as a surprise to her fandom!

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize last night❤️

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Ready for new music from the pop star? As we previously reported, she’s hard at work on her new album but she and her record label are still struggling to play nice.