Celebrities React to the Chicago Cubs Historic World Series Win

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After 108 years, the curse is finally broken!

Last night (Nov. 2, 2016), in a nail-biting game, the Chicago Cubs secured their win in the bottom of the 10th inning, winning their first World Series in 108 years. Everyone, including Hollywood, tuned into the historic game and Cubs fan or not, couldn’t help but react to the curse-breaking victory.

While most people were basking in the glory of the win, Parks and Rec star Natalie Morales (aka Lucy), took a moment to remember when her character predicted the Cubs would finally get a win in the final season of the show. 

While it may seem like the Parks and Rec writing room must have been filled with psychics, it’s co-creator Michael Schur told the Washington Post that he shouldn’t get much credit for the prediction. “It’s not like I was only person who thought the Cubs were going to be good,” he said. “Every baseball writer in America knew the Cubs were going to be good. I can’t emphasize enough how little credit I feel like I should take for that prediction.”

Meanwhile, Nick Offerman predicted how his Parks and Rec character would have reacted to the historic moment

Congrats Cubs!