CMAs Delete All Social Media Mentions of Beyoncé’s Performance After Racist Backlash

Beyoncé's CMA Awards Performance with the Dixie Chicks Blew Her Critics Away
Chances are, the odds won't be in your favor if you criticize Beyoncé's decision to take the stage before it's even set up

Despite the fact Beyoncé totally rocked the house during her twangy “Daddy Lessons” performance with the Dixie Chicks at the 2016 Country Music Awards, the award show organizers saw fit to delete all mention of it from their social media accounts after they received racist backlash.

The official account for the awards, @CountryMusic, no longer has any tweets about the performance. There are also no Instagram posts and no mention on the official performers page either.

Of course, the Internet took notice of this:

The announcement of Queen Bey’s surprise appearance at the predominately white ceremony was met with opposition even before she took the stage. One user shared a strong reaction to the news on Twitter, going as far as to say, “Keep that shit out of country music please!”

Well, at least you can still hear the studio cut of the Beyoncé x Dixie Chicks version of “Daddy Lessons” on Soundcloud: