Gisele Bündchen Gave Away Her Kids’ Halloween Candy, for Real

Gisele Bündchen did the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank for real… but without eating the candy; she just gave it away, with her kids’ permission.

At an event for Under Armour Boston Brand House in the Prudential Center on Wednesday (Nov. 2, 2016), the supermodel explained to People that her kids with Tom Brady — son Benjamin, 6, and daughter Vivian, 3 — didn’t really care about the candy they collected, so they let mom give it away to others who’d appreciate it.

Bündchen said, “We don’t really have that a kind of sugar in our house. I let them try one (piece), but they really only had one bite and then they didn’t want it anymore. So I told them if they didn’t like it I was going to give it away to other kids and they actually let me give their candy away.”

That isn’t to say the Brady kids don’t love dessert. “It’s a little different kind of sweets, so they’re not used to it,” the mom said. “I said to them, ‘You know, there are so many kids that don’t get candy and you guys got so many, some kids don’t even get one! And they’re like, ‘Oh mom, okay you can give it to them if they don’t get any.’”

Aww, that’s so nice! In the meantime, watch those kids who certainly did not appreciate having their Halloween candy taken away, Jimmy Kimmel style.