WATCH: Jessica Chastain Teared Up at Her Hand and Footprint Ceremony in Hollywood 

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Today (Nov. 3, 2016), Jessica Chastain received a special honor at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA, immortalizing her hand and footprints in concrete beside greats like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The occasion also allowed the performer to look back at her long road to stardom.

Before dipping her fingers in concrete, the 39-year-old actress said a few words about the momentous honor, even getting emotional when remembering those that helped her get there.

“My grandmother took me to my very first play… and she sat next to me when I discovered my profession. My mother drove me two hours each way to audition for Romeo & Juliet,” Chastain said before tearing up as the crowd cheered her on. “My dad loaned me money to fly to New York to visit Juilliard for the first time. My amazing, incredible family has always been there to lift me up and they’ve made great sacrifices because they believed in me, and their support in my dreams shaped the rest of my life.”

Take a look at her tearful speech, via Variety; Chastain begins speaking at the 25:45 mark:

The night before her ceremony, the gorgeous performer was spotted dining out at Madeo in West Hollywood in a stunning yellow dress. Take a peek at her night out below!