Soulja Boy Insists He Purchased a $6 Million Penthouse Despite Proof that It’s an Airbnb Rental

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Earlier this week, Soulja Boy took to social media to give his fans a tour of a new property that he claimed to have purchased.

The $6 million penthouse is located in the heart of LA, features three bedrooms, three and a half baths, a gourmet kitchen, and ample indoor/outdoor living. The only problem is, after a little digging, it seems as though the rapper doesn’t own the property at all and is just renting the property through Airbnb.

Internet personality DJ Akademiks was one of the first people to call Soulja Boy out for the seemingly fraudulent claim, saying several people had sent him screenshots of the Airbnb listing.

The rapper was quick to respond, insisting the property is, in fact, his; he just listed as a rental on Airbnb when he’s not in LA.

While Soulja Boy continues to insist he did buy the property, TMZ reached out to to the listing agents, who revealed that the property is actually still on the market for $3.2 million — not $6 million. It will continue to be rented out through Airbnb until it is sold.

Launch the gallery up top to see photos of the penthouse and decide who’s telling the truth for yourself.