See 14-year-old Ben Affleck on This Old PBS Show

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Ben Affleck dropped by Graham Norton’s talk show recently to chat about his new film The Accountant and the royal play date his four-year-old son Sam had with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but the host also decided to take the Hollywood dad on a trip down memory lane.

It turns out, when Affleck was a young man he did on-camera work in America and U.K. on The Voyage of the Mimi, a PBS show that presented math and science concepts to children. Now, either the studio lights in there were sweltering, he got some sun while visiting London, or he was pretty embarrassed by the ancient footage because Affleck’s face was candy-apple red after watching his younger self present a segment.

Later, Norton asked during if the now-44-year-old knew what he was doing while on the show, considering all the information experts were throwing at him while on camera, here’s his response:

“No…it was totally beyond me. I had no idea. They worked me to the bone so I was half-asleep all the time. They would get to my reaction shots at the end of the day and I was just kinda going like…” he said before doing some playful, half-hearted nodding.

Check out the clip above and decide for yourself: Is young Ben sleepy or just bored out of his mind?