Celebuzz’d 034: Listen to Gail Simmons’ Advice Before You Next Make Scrambled Eggs

Gail Simmons has a bounty of kitchen tips to feed you before the holiday season begins.

Simmons, the Director of Special Projects at Food & Wine magazine and a permanent judge on Top Chef, dropped by the Celebuzz office to share her tips and hacks that she’s picked up throughout her extraordinary career in the food industry, but first, she made us a delicious mocktail. Using Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, the author of Talking with My Mouth Full, concocted Iced Apple Brown Bettys by combining 1 cup of Pure Leaf Sweet Tea and 1 cup of apple juice or cider with one 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Fill a shaker with ice. Add tea, apple juice or cider, lemon juice and cinnamon. Shake vigorously until chilled. Pour into rocks glasses over ice and garnish each with one apple slice each. This recipe makes two servings to be served immediately. Simmons suggests adding 2 ounces of bourbon along with the tea and apple juice or cider before shaking to transform it into an adult beverage and freezing Pure Leaf Iced Tea ahead of time to make impressive ice cubes.

“Freeze the apple cider and make your ice cubes out of apple cider or even iced tea,” she explained. “I actually often will make ice cubes with Pure Leaf iced tea and, before they freeze, you drop a mint leaf in every ice cube in the tray so when they freeze, they have this beautiful ice cube in their ice tea … so that when you have your ice tea drink and you’re drinking it and the ice starts to melt, it doesn’t water down your drink. It just makes more iced tea.”

In addition to sharing the genius ways that she incorporates Pure Leaf into her cooking, Simmons advocated for the use of seasonal produce, highlighted important brain foods that you should be eating, and, most importantly, explained how to achieve the most delicious scrambled eggs. She said that cooking them slowly and at a low temperature is key.

“People want to turn the heat on to high and throw your eggs in the pan really fast, but because eggs are actually so delicate, they’ll burn really easily,” said Simmons. “You want to put a little butter in the pan, scramble and season your eggs first in a bowl, and put the heat on a medium-low. Then, when I put my eggs in the pan, I shake them very slowly and deliberately and sometimes I’ll put a dollop of cream or something luxurious to make them a little more fluffy. But if you cook them and move them around the pan slowly and let that heat slowly cook them, you’re gonna get a much better egg.”


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