32 Decorations To Make Your Home Holiday-Ready

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The holidays are just around the corner, so make sure your house is visitor-ready with some additional decor!

Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is just weeks away! This holiday is all about fall, food and warmth. The autumn colors of oranges, reds, greens, and browns will make your home look great during Thanksgiving time. Pumpkin- and spice-scented candles can trick people into thinking you are a better cook than you actually are, but, most importantly, they make your home smell amazing. Turkeys are the mascots for Thanksgiving so, we cannot forget to include them in the home decorations (and not just on the plate). Here are some Thanksgiving decor options to consider adding to your home!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is similar to Thanksgiving with respect to food and warmth, but Christmas sets itself apart with the magic of snow. You can turn your home into a cozy winter wonderland with images of snowmen, snowflakes, and Santa. The scents of spices are still welcome with the addition of pine and christmas cookies. And a home during Christmastime would be incomplete without a Christmas tree! Here are some Christmas decorations to consider.

New Year’s Decorations

New Year’s is the most fun and lavish holiday. The colors silver and gold are everywhere, but sparkles are where it’s really at. New Year’s is about glitter galore, and anything that shines is ideal for your decorations. The New Year’s decorations below would be perfect for your big party.

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