YouTube Star Ricky Dillon Discusses His New Movie ‘Trolls’ and His Plans for the Future

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YouTube star Ricky Dillon is taking his talents to the big screen!

Since 2010, Dillon has been taking the YouTube world by storm. He’s racked up over 3 million subscribers by posting videos of his covers of popular songs to his YouTube channel in addition to other daring and goofy bits, like his tale of getting a completely random tattoo. He’s become a jack of all (internet) trades and is now taking his energetic personality to the big screen for the new DreamWorks animated film, Trolls.

Celebuzz spoke exclusively with Dillon about his first role voice acting, YouTube, and more! Read more below:

Celebuzz: Ricky, you’re the voice of Troll Aspen Heitz in the DreamWorks film, Trolls. How did your energetic YouTuber persona help you get into character for this role?
Ricky Dillon: I was thrilled to be a part of DreamWorks Trolls! While it’s different learning how to get into character for a movie, I definitely think my YouTube persona helped inspire me in this role. I’ve made hundreds of YouTube videos and that has gotten me comfortable in my own skin, learning how to switch in and out of “character,” depending on the type of content I’m creating.

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CB: What was it like hearing your own voice when your character makes an appearance on screen?
RD: Hearing my voice in the actual film was awesome! Your voice always sounds different than you expect it to when played back, but it was fun hearing my character in the movie for the first time. You’ll have to check it out when it hits theaters Nov. 4.

CB: Does Aspen’s Troll hair give you any hairstyle inspiration?
RD: I already have Troll-ish hair, but I do think my character, Aspen Heitz, definitely rocks the style better than I do. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to dye my hair green too!

CB: As we know from your YouTube channel, you love to try new things and take risks. What was it like voice acting for the first time?
RD: Honestly such a fun experience, after doing my part in Trolls it sparked a new interest and passion for voice acting for me. It’s something I really want to pursue further in the future.

CB: You’ve partnered with General Mills cereal for this film. What is your go-to cereal combo?
RD: I was thrilled when General Mills Cereal asked me to host their Bedhead Dance Party in celebration of DreamWorks Trolls! The event was a blast – complete with a General Mills Cereal bar where I enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios with some almond milk – my go-to favorite!

CB: Do you think you’ll venture into doing more films after Trolls?
RD: Of course! That’s definitely the goal! I love everything I do but as a huge fan of movies and TV shows myself, one of my biggest goals is to be an actor (and voice actor) in cool TV shows and movies.

CB: In addition to your work on Trolls, you’re still managing to put up new YouTube videos and release new music. Where do you see your music taking you in the future?
RD: Not sure, I’m on somewhat of a hiatus right now with my music to pursue other projects. I love making music and have so much passion for it but I’m just taking a little break for now. I do want to still throw out fun covers here and there, I just did one to “Closer.” I’m also going on a national cover song tour called “Drop the Mic” this November and December – it’s going to be super fun!

CB: Out of your many talents and endeavors—including acting, writing, and singing— what has been your favorite to pursue so far?
RD: I really love everything I do and have different passions for them, but I think I really enjoy acting the most.

Trolls hits theaters on Nov. 4.