WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Stars in the New Sigma Music Video

Millie Bobby Brown Will Be Back as Eleven for 'Stranger Things' Season 2
Millie Bobby Brown will return to Stranger Things to reprise her...

Since its arrival, Stranger Things has had fans and critics buzzing over its ‘80s nostalgia and several of its promising young stars, including Millie Bobby Brown. The 12-year-old actress stole scene after scene as the mysterious Eleven, who helped rescue Hawkins, Indiana from the toothy Demogorgon. Now, the young starlet is striking poses and doing some serious lip-syncing in a new music video.

The visual for Sigma’s new track “Find Me,” which features the singer Birdy, starts out with the young actress standing in the middle of the road near downtown Los Angeles just as the sun is rising. Next, she rides on the back of a vehicle clad in a fetching blue fur coat as she emotes along with the electronic track as if she’s been doing this for years.

As Brown tools around town, the outfits change again and again amid the lens flairs and burst-cuts featuring the young actress offering anguished and elated expressions, sometimes in tears. Even if you’re not desperate for a second season of the hit Netflix show, there’s no denying that it gifted us a very watchable new star.

Watch the new music video above.