WATCH: JoJo Explains How Her Late Father’s Addiction to Narcotics Influences Her Decision to Vote

JoJo shared stories of her father’s addiction to narcotics in an impassioned video ahead of Election Day for Vevo’s “Why I Vote” series.

The Mad Love singer recalled instances from her early adolescence when she realized that her father’s well-being was being impacted by his dependence on narcotics. She explained that he had to quit his job and go on unemployment before he was fully disabled, which is when he “really got into narcotics.”

“I never knew why he was out of it or why he would fall asleep at the wheel or why he would slur his words,” said JoJo. “I didn’t understand that, and my mom kept that from me because she didn’t want to upset me and she didn’t want me to look at him in a certain way, and I really respect that.”

Though her father passed away last November at the age of 60, JoJo recalled one of the last times that he overdosed and doctors thought he wasn’t going to make it. He had fallen and he was no longer lucid.

“Me and my aunts had discussed what we were gonna do this time: We were gonna practice tough love, and we were gonna cut him off because it was too much for us as a family to keep going through,” said JoJo. “But I looked at him and saw him hooked up to these machines, and I just couldn’t give up on him…that’s my one dad. I just couldn’t do it. In that moment, I felt, who am I to give up on you. I just decided that I was gonna love him, and I’m really glad I did.”

Watch JoJo’s video at the top of the page and don’t forget to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Mad Love is available for purchase on iTunes via Atlantic Records.