‘Wonder Woman’: Gal Gadot Says She’d Like Halle Berry to Be the Love Interest in the Sequel 

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Gal Gadot, who's set to hit comic-book stardom next year...

In recent days, Wonder Woman’s sexuality has become a heated topic of debate. Greg Rucka, a longtime writer on the comic book series, has shared that he feels she is bisexual. Gal Gadot, the actress, tapped for the big-screen role, told Variety that it’s not something they focused on in the first standalone film. But…if she was bisexual, Gadot knows who she’d like the heroine to fall for.

The 31-year-old, sat down for an interview on an Israeli talk show recently to discuss Wonder Woman’s love life and the topic of her possible bisexuality came up. When asked if there’s an actress she’d like to see the DC superhero get involved with, Gadot had a good answer locked and loaded.

“I saw her the other day, Halle Berry. She’s so beautiful. Wow! She’s gorgeous! So…yeah, I could do it with her,” Gadot stated in Hebrew.

Obviously, this is all speculation. But speculation is often how things get started in Hollywood.

If you speak Hebrew and want to check out the interview, head over to Batman News, which is also the source of the interview’s translation.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2, 2017.