WATCH: Jessica Alba’s Beauty Tips Include Taking a Shot of Tequila

Apparently, alcohol is the key to achieving Jessica Alba’s gorgeous hair.

In her latest appearance on Ellen, the actress-turned-entrepreneur gave fans an in-depth look at her beauty routine. With host Ellen DeGeneres donating her hands to Alba in place of her own, the Honest Company co-founder walks viewers through the steps of using products from Honest Co.’s new haircare line. Let’s just say that things take a turn when DeGeneres forces her to take a shot on-air, live!

“As a mom of two young girls, sometimes I feel a little tired, so I also spritz my face when I wake up in the morning,” she says, trying not the break character as DeGeneres sprays her face with water. “Here’s a little secret: I keep a shot of tequila on my vanity. And mommy’s thirsty!”

After chugging a shot glass of liquor, Alba makes a face before declaring, “Ah! It’s real!”

Hard liquor aside, Alba credits her Honest Beauty Beyond Hydrated Moisture Milk Leave-In Conditioner and Honest Beauty Truly Restored Recovery Masque for shiny hair.

Watch her hilarious tutorial, above!