Lady Gaga Slams Melania Trump, Calls Her Anti-Bullying Campaign ‘Hypocrisy’

Lady Gaga slammed Melania Trump by calling her anti-bullying campaign hypocritical. 

After hearing that Donald Trump’s wife wants to stop cyberbullying, the singer took to Twitter to blast Melania and the Republican candidate in one single tweet. Gaga, who has been vocal in her support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, perfectly called out the facts.

“@MELANIATRUMP to say u will stand for “anti-bullying” is hypocrisy,” she wrote. “Your husband is 1 of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed.”

It didn’t end there, though. Gaga also shared another message alongside a photo of herself holding a ballot while wearing a “Hillary for President” sweater.

It’s safe to say Gaga and Katy Perry are Clinton’s biggest supporters.