WATCH: Sofia Richie Is a Tattoo Artist In Training

Hey, want to see something terrifying? Here’s a video of 18-year-old model Sofia Richie giving famed tattoo artist Jonathan ‘Jon Boy’ Valena a glow-in-the-dark tattoo.

Richie, a recurring customer of Jon Boy, tried her hand at using his tattoo gun to permanently draw a little ghost on the body artist’s forearm. The sister of Nicole Richie documented her tattoo-giving debut on Snapchat for all to witness. The video is nerve-wracking, to say the least. Here’s a compilation assembled by the Daily Mail:

Here’s another by Jon Boy, where Sofia adds in the white ink that causes the tattoo to glow in the dark:

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Here’s what the finished product looks like:

SpookySof #uvink @sofiarichie 👻 #jonboytattoo

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Jon Boy recently gave Sofia two tattoos: one on her neck that reads “CLARITY” and another on her thumb of the initials “MBR,” which stands for her brother’s name, Miles Brockman Richie. She’s previously visited him to get a cross tattooed on her middle finger, the script of her last name behind her ear, and a number corresponding with a verse from Corinthians on the nape of her neck. Now, it looks like Jon Boy might have some competition in the future. Maybe.

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