‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: It’s All About ‘D’

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Welcome to the Kingdom
The Walking Dead peeps gave us a moment to breathe.

In Sunday night’s (Nov. 6, 2016) episode of The Walking Dead, we see how Daryl is doing since being taken by Negan, but more importantly, we get an inside look at Negan’s twisted Sanctuary.

[Warning: Stop here if you haven’t seen the episode]

Actually, the episode called “The Cell” focuses not only on Daryl but also his tormentor Dwight. It begins with Dwight finding all the fixings for a perfect egg sandwich while The Jam’s “Town Called Malice” plays. He enjoys it as he watches some of the slave Saviors grab walkers beyond the fence perimeter to secure them as protection. You also see him and a few others kneel when Negan passes by.

Then we see Dwight – or “D” as he’s called – make a sandwich with dog food and bring it to Daryl, who is naked in a cell. Ahh, now we get it.

They are torturing Daryl by playing an upbeat song full blast so he can’t sleep, but they finally give him sweat clothes and take him out of the cell to see a doctor. There’s Sherry, the girl Daryl saved back in the woods when he first encountered the Saviors. If you remember in Season 6, Daryl found Sherry, Tina and Dwight after being separated from Sasha and Abraham in the zombie herding mission. Daryl tries to help them, but they turn on him, and just as Tina ends up getting eaten by walkers, the other two take off with Daryl’s stuff.

Back at the Sanctuary, Sherry is in the doctor’s office for a pregnancy test, which turns out to be negative. She tries to talk to Daryl, but D shuts her up. After taking Daryl back to his cell, D has a talk with Negan. Negan is impressed with how D is slowly breaking Daryl (or is he?) and tells him he can have any girl he wants as a reward. D passes, and just as a call comes in that someone stole from the Sanctuary and is on the run, D says he’ll go take care of it, even though Negan says he doesn’t have to.

Meanwhile, a new person bring Daryl his sandwich – and accidentally leaves the door open. Daryl escapes. Sherry finds him, tells him she’s sorry for what happened in the woods, and urges him to go back to his cell, that he won’t get away and whatever else happens, it’ll be worse. Daryl doesn’t listen, and sure enough, he’s cornered by a group of men. Negan walks up and tells Daryl they were testing him, and he failed. “Are we pissing in our pants yet?”

He then asks everyone who they are, and they all answer “I’m Negan.” He says it sucks because Daryl’s life was about to get a lot cooler if he’d only succumb and be subservient. But Daryl doesn’t flinch when Negan comes at him with Lucille. Lucky for Daryl, Lucille isn’t feeling to thirsty, says Negan, but the rest of the guys beat the shit out of him.

Meanwhile, Dwight is out there to find whatever was stolen from Negan. It turns out it’s a man who was once friends with Dwight. He just wants to leave or have D kill him because he won’t kneel for Negan ever again. D threatens to kill all his friends back at the Sanctuary if he doesn’t get up and go back. The man gives in, and just as he walks away, D kills him anyway. The man ends up becoming one of the zombie “workers” who protect the Sanctuary. Cold.

D returns to give Daryl his sandwich, which he throws in D’s face. D taunts Daryl and says he got his friend killed, and posts a Polaroid on the wall of Glenn’s smashed-in head. A new song suddenly plays, Roy Orbison’s “Crying,” and then Daryl does indeed start crying. He feels he deserves this hell for inadvertently killing Glenn.

But is Daryl broken now? He is brought before Negan once again, who tells D’s story. How D stole drugs from Negan and tried to escape with his wife Sherry, and Sherry’s sister, Tina. When D fails, he finally returns to beg for forgiveness. Negan is willing but of course, Lucille, is not. There are rules. So in desperation, Sherry offers herself to be Negan’s wife to spare D’s life. Negan accepts but still takes an iron to D’s face, thus maiming him. Now, D is one of his best and most trusted henchman who receives all the perks of his new station.

Negan wants Daryl to be the same kind of guy, so he asks Daryl who he is. We think for a minute, Daryl might cave in, say “I’m Negan,” maybe only to just play the game like Carol does. But we know better. Daryl is one of the most defiant of any of TWD peeps, and he will not give in. “I’m Daryl,” he says – and is thrown right back in the cell. He does tell D he understands why he caved, because D was thinking of someone else.

Daryl thinks he doesn’t have anyone else, so he’ll rot or die, if that’s to be. Poor Daryl. Of course, we know he has people who care about him — and they will come.