30 Men’s Bags Perfect For Any Occasion

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Fit all of your things in these stylish bags!

Find the ideal men’s bag for you below!

Everyone needs a bag collection, men included. If you need to hit up the gym, business, school, or casual setting, one bag might not be appropriate for all of these occasions. Expand your collection so you and your belongings will be stylish and ready to go anywhere.


Backpacks are ideal for school, outdoor adventures or any situation where you need to carry a great deal of items. The two straps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders making the bag easy to carry despite the weight. They have many different compartments to organize your bigger items from your smaller ones. Check out these six stylish backpacks.


For the days when you don’t need to carry a lot of items, the tote is a perfect choice of bag. You can grab your things, throw them in, and go. They have two handles and are made of a cotton or linen canvas material. Tote bags are usually have simple colors, patterns, and graphics on them. Here are some options to choose from.


Sports bags are usually duffel bags or drawstring bags that are made of material that is water resistant and air controlled. You can easily fit all of your work out clothes and equipment in these bags. The duffel bags have an optional shoulder strap if carrying the duffel by the two handles becomes too strenuous. You can even represent your favorite sports team or find a sports bag that is simple in color and design. Here are some sports bags to consider.


You can not take a sports duffel with you into a business setting, nor will a tote or canvas backpack suffice. Most business bags are modeled after briefcases, having a rectangular shape, one handle, and an optional shoulder strap. They are often solid in color, made of leather or leather-like materials, and are not too big. Check out these 6 business bags.

Messenger Bag

This type of bag has one strap that you can hang on your shoulder or wear across your chest.  This bag is useful when you have a decent amount of things that one shoulder can support, though making messenger bags too heavy can put a strain on your shoulder. Similar to the business bags, messengers have a briefcase-like design, but they are smaller and made with more casual materials like nylon and cotton. Consider the six messengers below.

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