Alec Baldwin Reveals He Almost Sprained His Jaw Doing Donald Trump Impressions

Alec Baldwin is probably ready to hang up his blond combover wig for good. According to the actor, who had been appearing on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump during this election cycle, he nearly hurt himself trying to impersonate the Republican presidential candidate.

“This is an exaggeration of his masticating every word. I almost sprained my jaw pushing my lower jaw forward to talk the way he does and say Putin,” Baldwin told WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show about replicating Trump’s distinct voice. “Do I sound like him? Kind of. But I think what you get is an essence of him being very feral.”

He continued, “I would sit in a room while they were doing my makeup … and probably 30 or 40 times I would sit there and go ‘Grab them by the blank. Grab. Grab.’ And try to get his enunciation.”


Though some of Baldwin’s family members are staunch Trump supporters, the 30 Rock alum admitted that he’s not a fan of the businessman-turned-politician.

“I don’t hate Trump, but he’s not somebody I admire,” he explained. “You just watch him and try to see him, like a caricaturist who draws.”

Previously, Baldwin’s brother, Stephen Baldwin, said that he didn’t find his sibling’s impersonation of Trump to be that funny.

“I think it’s getting a little too nasty right now,” he told reporters while supporting Trump at the final presidential debate last month. “I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t think there’s anything very funny about this election.”