What New ‘Cravings’ Can We Expect from Chrissy Teigen’s Second Cookbook?

Upon the release of Cravings, we knew that one cookbook from Chrissy Teigen would never be enough. Fortunately, Teigen thought the same exact thing.

It seems that Teigen has completed Day 4 of recipe development for Cravings 2 as of today (Nov. 8, 2016), based on her posts on social media, with assistance from her mother (@pepperthai2), food writer and chef Adeena Sussman, and Grammy Award-winning taste-assurer John Legend. In case you aren’t following Teigen on social media (who are you?), here’s what she’s been working on for her debut cookbook’s sequel. Prepare your bird’s eye chilies accordingly.

Note: This is not an official preview of items from Teigen’s second cookbook. It’s only a collage/mood board based on professional creeping.

A Take on Steamed Mussels


Will it double as a steam facial? Here’s to hoping.


@PepperThai2’s Tom Yum Soup with Top Ramen Noodles

Tom yum soup is a Lao and Thai soup that’s traditionally cooked with shrimp. “Tom,” in Thai, refers to the soup’s boiling process and “yum” refers to a Thai hot and sour salad, whose flavors are prominent in its taste. Most recipes call for lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms, tomatoes, chile peppers, onion or shallot, galangal, and tofu. It appears that Teigen’s has a cost-effective twist. “Mom’s Tom Yum soup has been completed for book two!” wrote Teigen in the caption above. “We added top ramen instant noodles to her homemade broth to make it like my favorite “mama” noodles (basically thai flavored instant ramen) from childhood. SOOOOOO good!!!”


Unnamed Butternut Squash and Arugula Salad


Here, Teigen describes this vibrant fall salad as butternut squash and pomegranate arils “over arugula with a garlicy honey dijon dressing thing I dunno fuck these aren’t official names yet ok!!” Now, we’re certain that her food writing for this second cookbook will be just as honest and delightful as the first. The dish also seems reminiscent of one of Sussman’s recent salad encounters, except with a slightly more piquant alternative to the pictured spinach in this photo.


Straight Up Butter ‘n Grease

Butter ‘n grease yummmmm. @chrissyteigen @pepperthai2 #cravingscookbook

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Likely a flavor base, but we’ll take this as an entrée or a perfume. Thanks.


Yum Woon Sen

A ground pork salad with spicy glass noodles. Wipe that drool off your chin.


Whatever This Glory Is

Sometimes the light just does you a favor. Cookbookin’ continues chez @chrissyteigen.

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Parmesan crisp? Some kind of creamy dip with chives? A manifestation of our wildest dreams? Please, do tell more.


Sweet Potato Wedges with a Chipotle BBQ Sauce


“Crispy and salty on the outside, super soft and sweet on the inside!” – Chrissy Teigen describing the perfect sweet potato wedge and our ideal mating partner.


Meatballs. On. A. Hot. Dog. Bun. Turned. Garlic. Bread. (!!!)


With my final air of breath and life, I declare, “GO, CHRISSY! GO!”

Buy Chrissy Teigen’s first cookbook, Cravings, on Amazon, and recount our 12-day cooking spree through her blog. Read our interview about hash browns and motherhood with Teigen, here.

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