Demi Lovato Tweeted and Then Deleted This Controversial Donald Trump Reference

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Things are definitely heating up between Demi Lovato and UFC fighter...

In recent days, Demi Lovato, like many Americans, has gotten pretty swept up in this presidential election. Her megaphone of choice has been her Twitter account where she has often railed against Donald Trump and espoused Hillary Clinton’s admirable qualities. Not out of the ordinary from a celeb, right? Then… she took her Election Day fervor a bit too far.

While attempting to intervene in a Twitter debate over the presidential nominees, Lovato injected a reference to that campaign-shaking Access Hollywood clip featuring Trump and Billy Bush discussing sexually assaulting women.

Demi Lovato's Controversial Tweet

It’s not a stretch to guess she was attempting to be clever, but this particular phrase has become too loaded to be used so cavalierly.

Not long after, she deleted the post and offered her followers an apology.

Let’s all take a breath and remember: This thing is almost over!