Here’s How Late Night TV Poked Fun at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Election Eve

Sarah Paulson performed a dramatic reading of Hillary Clinton’s emails as Benedict Cumberbatch turned the 2016 election into a scary bedtime story.

Only late night TV can give us the best (and most hilarious) pre-election coverage. Not only did the American Horror Story star turn the controversy email scandal into a one-woman show, but we also got to see Sherlock Holmes read James Corden a story.

Samantha Bee brought Paulson out during an episode of Full Frontal where she hilariously read aloud emails such as, “Can you give me times for TV shows: Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife?” and “Gefilte fish: Where are we on this?”

Meanwhile, Cumberbatch read a story about how a beige pant-suited woman had to walk through a dangerous forest that was filled with emails, trolls, and the news fox. Finally, she encounters the “big orange monster” (Donald Trump) who has “tiny, tiny baby hands.”