Lindsay Lohan Launches New Accent-Based Clothing Line, Teases ‘Mean Girls’ Dance

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Lindsay Lohan is having some fun with her newfound accent. After naming her odd new way of speaking, she’s putting out a line of t-shirts, sweaters and tank tops based on “Lilohan.” The good news: It’s for a good cause.

The design includes a triangle in the top-right corner with the phrase “I Only Speak Lilohan” written below. According to The Daily Mail, a portion of each shirt sale will go to Caudwell Children, an organization benefiting disabled children in the United Kingdom, and to AFAD, The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey, which helps people in Turkey affected by earthquakes and also provides assistance to Syrian refugees.

The accent was first heard after a video from the opening of Lohan’s nightclub in Greece was shared across the internet last week. She says it’s likely a result of her learning so many new languages recently. It probably also has to do with her living in multiple European countries over the past few years.

Lohan says the tops are her way of giving back to the world. “The shirts will support young children suffering and help raise money for Turkey to help with Syrian refugees, I’m very excited we could make this all happen,” Lohan said.

She also told The Daily Mail that she would recreate the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from Mean Girls if she sells enough shirts by the holiday season. She did have one caveat. “I’ll do the Jingle Bell Rock but only if it is with the new president.” She did not say which candidate she hoped to perform with.