What Kendall Jenner Looks for in a Boyfriend Leads Today’s Star Sightings

When it comes to dating, Kendall Jenner only has three requirements for all her suitors.

The model, who was spotted grabbing some lunch with friends at BOA in West Hollywood on Wednesday (Nov. 9, 2016), recently took to her app to explain what she looks for in a boyfriend. Though Jenner is admittedly quite easy-going, she wrote that all of her potential love interests must possess three things in order to win her heart.

“Dating is hard! ” Jenner began. “It’s not always easy to find someone you just click with. But, for me, there are three qualities that any potential dude must have.”

“A good sense of humor. Especially in my industry, any guy that takes himself too seriously is not for me. We have to be able to laugh together!” she wrote, adding that they must also share “similar interests” in order to date. “If we don’t have any, then what are we going to do? Lol! It would be great if he is into the same music as I am or if he likes cars. Or, if he just likes being spontaneous like I do—that would be a good place to start!”

Lastly, Jenner stressed that her man must have “good style” and knows how to take care of himself.

“I don’t really care what a guy is wearing as long as he knows how to put it together,” she shared. “It’s so attractive when a guy knows how to dress himself. If I’m going to look good, he better too, lol!”

This year alone, Jenner has been linked to the likes of basketball player Jordan Clarkson and singer Harry Styles.