Support for a Potential Kanye West 2020 Presidential Run Picks Up Steam in Light of Trump Presidency

With half the country in complete disbelief that Donald Trump was officially elected President of the United States this morning (Nov. 9, 2016), many people are looking for ways to cope.

The easiest way to do so seems to be to look to the future with the thought that in four short years (please, please, please let them be short) the country will be in the market for a new President. So who are some American’s looking towards to lead them as far away from Trump as possible? Well, Kanye West of course.

West casually announced he’d be running for President in 2020 while accepting his MTV Video Vanguard award in 2015. West never really elaborated on his potential run and it seems as though no one really took him seriously — until now.

Fans have flooded the internet with pleas for West to follow through with his 2020 Presidential run.

A rapper for President? Stranger things have happened…