‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 – Chapter 9 Recap

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Our time in Roanoke is nearly over! It went by so fast. In the penultimate episode of this season of American Horror Story we dropped by the Polks again, Lee (Adina Porter) goes a little nuts, oh, and Taissa Farmiga has arrived!

The former Coven actress and two pals show up in the haunted woods looking to document the Blood Moon in hopes that it will go viral, that is until they discover the spirit of Sidney’s (Cheyenne Jackson) assistant. Remember her? A certain Pig Man got her.

Back at the spook house, Ambrose (Wes Bentley) had dropped by in the Pig Man costume, per Sidney’s instruction’s, to shake things up a bit for the show. Of course, what he finds instead is Audrey (Sarah Paulson) and Lee maimed and terrified. The plucky trio decide to return to the Polks’ horrifying homestead to rescue Monet (Angela Bassett), steal a car, and hopefully steal a camera providing proof of the dastardly deeds that went on there.

However, not long after they arrive Ambrose gets knifed. Audrey manages to save Monet but Lee is lost along the way. They return to the house with a Polk camera and watch the footage, learning that Lee did indeed kill Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield).

Nearby, a turned around Lee meets the Wood Witch (Lady Gaga), who offers her the same bargain she offered the Butcher (Kathy Bates), which of course means Lee just turned evil! After Sophie (Farmiga) and her two friends are interrogated by police, they once again take to the woods, convinced that they can get video proof of their strange story. However, one turns out to be Evil Lee’s first victim!

While hiding in Sidney’s trailer, Sophie watches Lee return to the house on the monitors, clearly coming for Audrey and Monet. She convinces her friend that they have to rescue the unsuspecting actresses.
Lee manages to get in the house and quickly gets rid of Monet. Audrey, however, is another matter. The ladies trade hits until finally Audrey takes a fall.

Outside, Sophie and her friend head for the house, arriving just in time to see the real Butcher disembowel Ambrose! Then, the two are literally skewered on pikes by Evil Lee and the undead colonists who promptly light them on fire. Thus ending Taissa’s short-yet-wonderful return to AHS!

In the morning, the police arrive to survey the carnage in and around the house. They also find Audrey and Lee outside. When Audrey see Lee, she immediately grabs a cop’s gun and attempts to kill her, but not before the police gun her down.

Guess that means Evil Lee is our lone survivor! We also saw the last night of the Blood Moon and got very little closure. Will the season finale connect the Wood Witch to Coven? Is Evil Lee now tied to the land like the Butcher? Have we seen the last of those nasty Polks?

Until next week!