Dustin Diamond Is Sorry for What He Did to His ‘Saved by the Bell’ Co-Stars

Dustin Diamond apologized to his Saved by the Bell cast-mates for his destructive behavior.

The actor, who played Screech on the ’90s sitcom, told Dr. Oz he wants to make things right with his five former co-stars: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Lark Voorhies, Tiffani Thiessen, and Elizabeth Berkley.

“Guys, I think you’re fantastic, working with you has been just one of the icons of my life and I’m sorry that this has taken advantage of me — the book and other situations I’m sure we’ll talk about here,” he says in the episode, which airs Nov. 10. “But I’m sure that you’ve experienced downfalls, as well, in your time and I’m still loving you guys.”

Diamond also apologized for some of the things that were said in his tell-all book, in which he made claims that some of his co-stars “were sleeping around with each other.”

“Upsetting to more than just the other cast members — upsetting to me as well,” Diamond said, before admitting that he didn’t actually write it. “As it turns out, the general public doesn’t realize, I didn’t write the book. I had a ghostwriter.”

Following his stints in jail, the actor now hopes to repair any relationships his behavior has tainted over the years. He admitted that he still speaks to Lopez, but hasn’t seen Gosselaar since he was 16. “If I dwell on the past, then it just eats at me,” Diamond said.

Watch him apologize in the video below.