WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt stopped by Ellen to talk about their new movie Passengers, when things got personal.

During the game “5 Second Rule,” Lawrence and Pratt were given five seconds to name three things as instructed by Ellen DeGeneres, and the game ended up being a little harder than it seemed. Pratt got off to a good start, easily listing three movies that take place in space, and Lawrence easily listed three planets. But things got a little trickier when they were asked to name their three favorite body parts of the opposite sex.

“Umm lungs,” Pratt yelled before hesitating for a few more seconds. “Nipples and feet!” he yelled right before his time was up. While Pratt listed his three body parts before time ran out, Lawrence didn’t have the same luck.

“Okay, um, upper back, bicep,” Lawrence began. Just when the actress though she had the game in the bag, she blanked on what her third favorite body part was and tried to demonstrate it instead. “And that, that um, dent,” she said pointing to what many people refer to as the “sex lines” on a male body.

Pratt couldn’t contain his laughter, copying Lawrence’s movements. “Right here?” he asked while laughing. “Oh my god,” Lawrence replied. “I just realized it totally looks like I was pointing down.”

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