David Bowie’s Art and Furniture Auction Raises $30 Million on the First Day

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David Bowie's Hair Is Up for Auction
A lock of David Bowie's iconic hair is being auctioned off.

David Bowie’s massive art collection went to auction in London, shattering first-day sales expectations.

Rolling Stone reports the auction raised more than $30 million on Thursday (Nov. 10, 2016), nearly tripling pre-auction estimates. It features nearly 350 works of art owned by the late singer, including pieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frank Auerbach, and Damien Hirst.

“[David Bowie] used his art to understand his place in the world,” curator Beth Greenacre told the magazine. “He was an amazing historian. He was always looking backward to understand the present – and even prophesied about the future, I think.”

The musician, who died in January after his battle with liver cancer, was a passionate collector of modern art for most of his life. The event, called Bowie/Collector, is both an auction and exhibit, with Day 2 to take place Friday, November 11.