Amber Rose’s Brand New Rolls-Royce Got Rear-Ended in Hollywood

Amber Rose’s new Rolls-Royce got rear-ended in Hollywood over the weekend.

The talk show host, who recently celebrated the birth of Blac Chyna’s daughter with Rob Kardashian, was involved in a little fender bender just three weeks after buying her car.

Rose was reportedly calm and collected as she stepped out of her $371k vehicle to talk to the Audi driver who hit her car. Video footage, obtained by TMZ, shows the 33-year-old on the phone as she stands outside her car to see if the accident caused any damage. It appears as though no one else was in the car with her.

Luckily, the damages don’t look too intense. That means Rose and Chyna don’t need to worry about getting another set of matching cars as a token of their friendship.

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