Kelly Rowland Explains Who Inspired Destiny’s Child’s Mannequin Challenge

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By now, we’re sure you’re aware of the Mannequin Challenge. Groups large and small pose like mannequins, seemingly creating a 3D still image. This trend has inspired everyone from Paul McCartney, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, to James Corden to get in on the freeze-frame fun! Even Beyoncé and the women of Destiny’s Child got involved! Over the weekend, Kelly Rowland attended the Baby2Baby Gala in LA where she revealed who convinced the girls to pose for their mind-blowing image!

We pretty much get together a lot. And of course people got a chance to see that because we felt like sharing,” Rowland told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the possibility of a DC3 reunion. “And it was actually Bey’s mom, Tina [Knowles]. She’s like ‘Y’all should do the Mannequin Challenge,’ and I’m looking over like, ‘How do you know about the Mannequin Challenge?’ She knows about everything cool, by the way.”


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Rowland explained that, although it was Tina’s idea to create their Mannequin Challenge, she is addicted to the viral videos that have surfaced.

“I don’t even know who started this Mannequin Challenge, but I think it’s freaking genius. Now it’s up in the White House, you got Destiny’s Child doing it. It’s just really crazy but it was very cool,” she said.

During her chat with ET, Rowland also teased her forthcoming fifth album, sharing that the recording process has never felt so natural for the 35-year-old.

It’s one of my favorite records that I’ve recorded so far,” she revealed. “I wanted the record to be authentically me. And I’ve done that.”

Check out Rowland’s breezy blue ensemble at the Baby2Baby Gala in the gallery above!