Lindsay Lohan Invites President-Elect Donald Trump to Tour Syria and Turkey with Her

When Lindsay Lohan isn’t launching clothing lines, investing in nightclubs and adopting new accents, she is taking an active role in raising awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis. She has visited refugee camps and advocated for the organization World Is Bigger Than Five, which encourages the United Nations to use its clout to intervene in the exodus from Syria since Bashar al-Assad took power. Now, Lohan is taking her advocacy a step further by inviting newly-elected Donald Trump to tour Instanbul and Turkey with her to better understand the situation.

She wants the whole world to be informed about what is happening over there. It was eye opening for her to actually be immersed in it and she would love to share that with others,” Lohan’s manager Scott Carlson told The Telegraph. “If Trump was up for it she would 100 per cent follow through [sic].”

Up until now, Trump hasn’t addressed the Syrian refugees in his policy platform outside of advocating stopping them from entering the U.S.

In other Lohan news, the actress has been named as the reason behind a man receiving a serious beating in his Vegas hotel room last month. According to TMZ, before the two men who broke into his room at the Excalibur roughed him up, they asked if he had been spreading stories about Lohan. The victim allegedly met the 30-year-old movie star at Coachella in the spring. Why beat him up six months later? Good question.