‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: It’s Negan’s World Now

'The Walking Dead' Recap: It's All About 'D'
We learn more about Dwight and the Saviors' Sanctuary.

In Sunday night’s (Nov. 13, 2016) episode of The Walking Dead, called “Service,” we are finally back in Alexandria, and we see how Negan’s reign of terror is affecting Rick and the rest.

[Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the episode]

It begins with Michonne waking up next to Rick and then sneaking out with a big-ass rifle. It looks the old hardened Michonne might be back, as she goes out into a field and climbs on top of a rusted-out car, like she’s on a lookout. What she is actually doing is taking target practice, and her aim is way off.

Back in Alexandria, Rosita and Spencer want to go out on a hunt, but just as they start to go, Negan and the Saviors come knocking. “Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Spencer starts to throw attitude, but Negan shuts that down. Rick shows up just in time before Negan might bash in Spencer’s skull (might not be a bad thing, to be honest). Instead, Negan smashes a walker’s head in. “You see that?” he exclaims. “What I just did? That is some service!” Negan then hands Rick Lucille to hold onto for awhile. He is really messing with old Rick.

Rick scans the group of Saviors and there’s a beat-up, dejected Daryl, wearing the sweatshirt with the letter “A” on it. Rick tries to talk to Daryl but Negan cuts him off. Daryl is the help and they are all not to even look at him.

As Negan enters Alexandria, he is pretty impressed, and his men start to pillage right away, taking most of the mattresses and some furniture. Dwight wants Daryl’s bike and basically demands Rosita and Spencer go out there to get it. First, though, he takes all their guns away.

Negan wants to know where Maggie is, the “sick girl,” because he guesses she was married to Glenn, and he was going to ask her to come back with him. Rick makes Negan believe Maggie is dead (she’s not), just as Father Gabriel comes up to introduce himself. Negan exclaims, “You’re creepy as shit!”

Then a gunshot goes off. It’s Carl, who is threatening one of the Saviors. Negan and Rick come into Rick’s house and Carl sort of threatens Negan, too, which again, goes against the rules. Negan isn’t going to kill Carl just yet, but it makes him realize that the Alexandrians have a crap-load of guns. Negan is going to have to take them all.

Negan lets Rick know he can keep what little food they have left, though. “What do you want me to say?” asks Rick. “How about a thank you?” growls Negan.

In the armory, they find out they are short two guns. Again, another reason for Negan to kill someone in response for the insolence. They have to find those two missing guns or Negan will kill Olivia, who is the armory and food storage keeper.

Rick then has a conversation with the Alexandrians. They can’t hide the guns or Negan will kill someone. Aaron’s boyfriend says, “How are we going to get out of this?” Rick answers, “We don’t. I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is.” They go searching. Rick finally finds them hidden in Spencer’s house, along with food and liquor. Rick gives the guns to Negan. Look, the bottom line is that Rick has to get everyone under control and working for Negan, or he will smash skulls. Plain and simple.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Spencer find Daryl’s bike. Spencer says this is their life now because of Rick. Maybe if Rick had thought things through they wouldn’t be in this mess. Rosita walks off into the woods. She kills some walkers and finds a gun with an empty cartridge. “This is not our life,” she declares.

As Negan gets ready to leave, Rick spots Michonne and asks if he could have a second to go talk to her. He wants the rifle, so he can give it to Negan. Michonne balks at first but hands it over. Negan is impressed Rick gave it up. “You’re special.” Rick then asks if Daryl can stay, and Negan tells Daryl he can plead his case, to convince him, but Daryl says nothing. Is he broken now? Really not sure.

Negan warns them. The next time he comes, they better have something good or someone will die. Rick still has Lucille in his hands, and he does think about it. Instead he says “thank you” to Negan, who sneers, “In case you didn’t notice, I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.” Negan takes Lucille back and leaves.

Rick confronts Spencer about the hidden food and liquor, but Spencer calls him out for not making a deal in the first place and throws Glenn and Abraham’s deaths in Rick’s face. The old Rick comes back for a second, and he says he’ll kick his teeth in if ever says anything like that again.

Michonne is also not on the same page. She wants to fight back, maybe join forces with Hilltop. Rick says the Saviors still outnumbered them. They have to play the game and learn to survive in this new situation. He tells Michonne about Shane, his old partner who ended up having a relationship with Laurie, and how Judith is not really his child. He will raise her anyway because he loves her. He pleads with Michonne to accept this because if she doesn’t, it won’t work. Rick will not lose anyone else. “I’m gonna try,” Michonne says.

Later, she’s back out in the field and she sees something. Walking onto the road, she finds what looks like a pile of burning rubble. It’s actually all of their mattresses that Negan threw out and burned. He didn’t need them; it was just a way to control Rick and Alexandria.

The last moment of the episode has Rosita showing up to Eugene’s house and asking him to make her a bullet for the gun she took off the walker. Yeah, everyone is clearly not on board.