Wanda Sykes Curses at Audience Who Booed Her Anti-Trump Set

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Wanda Sykes shared her opinion about the recent presidential election at a recent comedy event. Apparently the crowd didn’t like it too much, so she told them to f**k off.

While performing in Boston at this weekend’s Comics Come Home event, Sykes kicked off her set with anti-Donald Trump sentiments but said she found a way to comfort other people who felt the same way. “This is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president. He ain’t the first one, he’s just the first confirmed one.”

This elicited a chorus of boos from the Boston audience, to which Sykes responded: “Fuck all y’all.” She then pointed to specific angry audience members, repeating, “Fuck you, you, you … all y’all,” and reportedly gave the audience the finger.

The confrontation continued with Sykes trying to make her point. “The evidence is there. How can you say he’s not racist? ‘Grab ‘em by the pussy’? How can you say he’s not sexist? How can you say he’s not racist? How can you say he’s not homophobic?”

Watch the whole exchange below!