WATCH: Bernie Sanders on How Donald Trump Won the Election with Stephen Colbert and What to Do Next 

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Bernie Sanders paid a visit to The Tonight Show to share his thoughts on the election now that Donald Trump is going to be living in the White House, and let’s just say the Vermont Senator didn’t mince his words. Sanders continued his attack on the real estate mogul’s racist and divisive campaign rhetoric while also advocating for a fundamental change in the Democratic Party.

“Please do not think that all of the people who voted for Donald Trump agree with his sentiments about women or African Americans or his rejection of the science regarding climate change,” Sanders told Stephen Colbert and the audience when discussing how the nation should move forward. “They don’t. But for a variety of reasons, they did end up voting for [Trump].”

Sanders went on to argue that, despite Trump’s narrow win, he believes the majority of Americans want a more progressive plan for the nation’s future.

“On virtually every issue I talk about … the vast majority of the American people are on our side. Trump’s views are a minority,” Sanders said. “People do not think we should give tax breaks to billionaires. They do believe we should raise the minimum wage and have pay equity for women. They do believe we should make public colleges and universities tuition free.”

The Social Democrat then rallied those listening to take an active role in helping bring about positive change, arguing that although Hillary Clinton lost, her supporters are not voiceless.

“So our job, right now, and this is terribly important at this moment … What you do now is get heavily involved in the political process,” Sanders said. “When millions of people stand up and fight back, we will not be denied.”