Billy Bob Thornton Defends Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie: She’s ‘One of the People Who Didn’t Abandon Me’

Billy Bob Thornton Says He Wasn't "Good Enough" for Angelina Jolie
Billy Bob Thornton is never one to mince words — especially when it comes to his ex.
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When it comes to Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton has nothing but kind words for his ex.

In his latest interview with Playboy, the Bad Santa 2 star says he’s still very friendly with the actress, having both moved on from their three-year marriage. Though he admits that they “don’t talk on a regular basis,” Thornton believes that he’ll still be friends with the mom-of-six until his dying days. (After all, Jolie even contributed to Thornton’s 2012 memoirThe Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts!)

“That won’t ever go away,” he tells the publication [via E! News]. “Sometimes I won’t see her for five years. But I offer. I know she’s been through a lot. She’s a great person. And she’s one of the people who didn’t abandon me. She never has.”

In fact, Thornton houses anything but animosity for Jolie’s current husband, Brad Pitt. Though Jolie and Pitt announced their separation earlier this year, Thornton would still very much like to work with his ex’s now-estranged partner.

“This might surprise people, but I’d love to do a movie with Brad Pitt,” he shares. “I think we’d be great together. We’d play a couple of Southern guys.”

According to Thornton, the dissolution of his marriage to Jolie stemmed from the fact that he didn’t always feel comfortable around her. Despite their affinity for limo sex and wearing vials of each other’s blood,  Thornton reveals he felt inferior next to the Oscar winner, saying, “I always felt beneath her and if you’re living a life with someone you feel you’re beneath, that’s not good for either of you.”

Thornton’s sentiments reflect his previous statement to GQ, in which he explained that they broke up because he refused to change.

“I never felt good enough for her,” he confessed. “I’m real uncomfortable around rich and important people.”