Alicia Keys Delivers Politically-Charged Performance of ‘Holy War’ on ‘The Voice’

Alicia Keys got political with her performance of “Holy War” on Tuesday night’s (Nov. 15, 2016) episode of The Voice.

The singer was set to perform her latest single, “Blended Family,” during the Top 12 Results show, but, due to the “current political climate,” she changed her mind in order to sing a more relevant song in the wake of recent events. “There’s only one song I can sing, called ‘Holy War,'” she told the audience.

Her choice could not have been better considering how powerful the message behind the song is. Oh so we can hate each other and fear each other / We can build these walls between each other,” she sang as Adam Levine played his guitar next to her.

At one point during her performance, the camera turned to Miley Cyrus, who could be seen belting out the words to the song, too. Watch Keys’ politically-charged performance above!