Report: Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s Twin Sons Are Safe and Sound 

Brooke Mueller Is on the Run With Two of Charlie Sheen's Kids
Police are searching for 2 of Charlie Sheen's kids after his ex-wife...

Earlier today (Nov. 16, 2016), TMZ reported that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller was on the run with their seven-year-old twin sons Bob and Max as police searched desperately for them. Now, an insider has come forward to ensure the public that the little ones and Mueller are “fine.”

According to a source with People, the family has been located and everyone is safe. Mueller is also receiving medical assistance.

Brooke went off her medications,” the insider shared. “She is being treated for the issue now.”

Last night, the 39-year-old mother was spotted acting strangely in a Salt Lake City bar. According to TMZ, she brought her young sons into the bar with her where she tried to bum a cigarette from someone.

Mueller was reportedly disheveled, barefoot and spooking the patrons. She also got into a disagreement with the boys’ nanny in the bar, which brought the attention of the authorities.

Now though, the “boys are fine and with their nanny.”

UPDATE 3:58 PST: Sources with TMZ have learned that Mueller is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after she allegedly struck one of her children while under the influence of an undisclosed substance.

It’s also being reported that Mueller’s mother might have been the one who initially prompted the search for her.

Witnesses reportedly saw Mueller attacking her kids outside a car wash earlier today and called 911.