WATCH: Drake Is Totally Grossed Out by This David Blaine Magic Trick

If you want to see three grown men freak out over small animals, look no further than this video of David Blaine performing one of his magic tricks for Drake, Dave Chappelle and Steph Curry.

In a clip from Blaine’s new show, Beyond Magic, the street magician asks Chappelle to draw a creature that could fit in the palm of Drake’s hand. After throwing some shade at Drizzy’s rival, Meek Mill, the comedian draws a frog for Blaine to make appear out of thin air. “Challenge accepted” is a definite understatement.

To Drake’s disgust, Blaine manages to conjure up a a couple of small amphibians, regurgitating not one, but two live frogs. Plopping the tiny creatures into champagne flutes filled with water, Blaine hands a clearly shaken Drake and Chappelle each a glass.

After asking Curry to verify that his mouth is indeed empty, Blaine then proceeds to produces a third — yes, third — frog.

From the looks on their faces, everything went from 0 to 100 real quick.