Mandy Moore Reveals Justin Timberlake Emotionally Scarred Her for Life After Making This Comment About Her Body

Stick and stones may break your bones, but Justin Timberlake’s words will haunt you for life. That’s the case with Mandy Moore, who recently revealed that she was emotionally scarred when the singer made a remark about the size of her feet.

Explaining she had been touring with N*SYNC in the early 2000s as their opening act, the This Is Us star recalled running into Timberlake one night while he was joking around with a group of dancers. Since Moore didn’t interact with the boy bander all that much then, she said this specific incident really stuck with her after all these years.

“I remember distinctly one time walking backstage, and I didn’t really see much of the guys because I was the measly opening act,” she shared during her appearance on James Corden’s late night talk show on Tuesday (Nov. 15, 2016). “Nobody cared about me, but Justin Timberlake was somehow there and there was a conversation about feet or foot size. They were comparing shoe sizes with all the background dancers — N*SYNC background dancers and my background dancers.”

“He was like, ‘You have big feet for a girl,'” she continued. “I’m sure he doesn’t remember this at all but I was so impressionable. I thought the world of him and he was on a pedestal. I mean, 16 years later, it stuck with me so it really scarred me emotionally.”

Moore, who was 15 at the time, added that she wears size 10 shoes.

“I’m 5’10’. I was going through puberty at he time,” she reasoned. “It was embarrassing.”

Oof! Let’s just hope Timberlake sends her a good fruit basket as an apology soon.