Susan Sarandon Has Some Words for Everyone Blaming Her for Hillary Clinton’s Loss

Susan Sarandon Endorses Green Party Candidate Jill Stein
As election day finally draws near, many famous Bernie Sanders...

Though the fallout from the 2016 general election really hasn’t even begun yet, based on the fiercely divided language of the campaign trail, plenty of people have already begun pointing fingers in order to explain how we have found ourselves in such a perplexing situation. Admittedly, Susan Sarandon is an easy target. As Election Day approached, she threw her support behind Green Party candidate Jill Stein while the rest of Hollywood assembled in Hillary Clinton’s camp. Now, Sarandon is faced with an onslaught of blame, which she shrugs off in a new, biting tweet.

“To all those who find blaming me less painful than introspection, never knew I was this powerful,” she captioned an image of two columns for Stein and Clinton. In the former Secret of State’s column is a who’s who list of civically minded A-listers. We should also mention Sarandon’s ex Tim Robbins is among them. But in Stein’s column, Sarandon stands alone.


One thing is certain: This brutal election year has been a referendum on the power of celebrity endorsements, assuming of course that Scott Baio isn’t your favorite actor.