Anna Kendrick Offers Advice on Dating and How George Clooney Lightens the Mood on Set in Her New Book 

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Anna Kendrick’s dry, razor-sharp brand of humor was destined for social media greatness. Her plucky, relatable take on Hollywood is a welcome departure from the polished public personas of her contemporaries. So it’s only natural that the actress would land a book deal so she could have a few more characters to impart her unvarnished thoughts. In her new book Scrappy Little Nobody, Kendrick is at her self-deprecating best, sharing stories about surviving while broke, how she stopped chasing bad boys and how George Clooney kept her in the moment during filming.

“Ladies, if you ever date a guy who shows up at your apartment uninvited, or calls you from someone else’s phone when you block his number, or inspires you to attach a little can of Mace to your key ring, tell your friends!” she wrote on guys in L.A., via People. “They will help you! If a guy threatens self-harm, or tells you that you are the crazy one and all your friends are on his side, they aren’t! Your friends want to help you!”

Kendrick also shared her realization that these thoughtless, hurtful guys aren’t all that mysterious and alluring.

“Something amazing happened to me when I hit my mid-20s,” she explained. “I stopped liking guys who didn’t like me back. In fact, I stopped liking guys who were bad people.”

Despite making a name for herself in films like Up in the Air, Kendrick was still struggling to make ends meet. She even shared an instance during promotion work for the aforementioned film when she stole a roll of toilet paper from a New York hotel room. Thankfully the Twilight films provided a cushion while she took on roles that weren’t all that lucrative.

“None of the other filmmakers I worked with during those years had ever seen Twilight,” she wrote. “But the series kept me in room and board while I did their movies for no money. It was like the world’s most ridiculous day job.”

Speaking of Up in the Air, Kendrick also shared how Clooney helped make her comfortable while making the movie, which involved the A-lister doing everything he could to keep her present.

“I spend the first few weeks shooting Up in the Air certain that I’d be fired at any moment,” she revealed. “I’d start to silently spiral before an important scene and George Clooney would have to snap me out of it, usually by throwing something near my head.”

Scrappy Little Nobody is available now.