Fall Sunglasses That You Need to Be Rocking

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The fall season means time to anticipate and prepare for the cold, but it does not mean the sun completely disappears.

The sun can be just as obnoxious in the fall as it is in the summer. Sunglasses are still practical. Be prepared for those arbitrary rays of harsh sunshine in November with these fall sunglasses.

Black square-eye sunglasses are fall appropriate with their dark color and simple shape. They are classic shades that go with any outfit and look good on anybody.

Tortoise sunglasses are another type of shades that look good on everyone. Mimicking a tortoise shell, the brown tones on these shades fit right in with all the brown we are seeing on the trees and on most fall color palettes.

Almost everything oversized has become a trend and sunglasses are not being left out. Oversized shades are the go-to accessory for when you just want to hide your face. Maybe you have had a long night or today’s makeup is not working out. These huge shades will shield your eyes from the sun and your face from the public.

Colored lenses are a fun and stylish new twist on sunglasses. They exclusively tint your world cool colors like gold, pink, blue and green. These lenses are usually mirrored in addition to being colored and can be your substitute mirror when you are on the go.

The cat eye sunglasses are by far the most stylish pairs of shades on the market with their sharp-edged frames. You can pull your hair back to exaggerate this shape even further. These shades make any look effortlessly glamorous.

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