John Legend Drops Moody New Single ‘Penthouse Floor’ Featuring Chance the Rapper

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For John Legend’s new single, the Grammy-winner invites listeners to indulge, even if it means some pain and regret in the morning. “Penthouse Floor” is built upon a deep, bassy groove laden with minimal piano chords as Legend teases the breathtaking view waiting high above.

“They float above the city lights. Forget the truth inhale the lies. Just enjoy the show,” he sings as synths tinkle over his baritone. The track definitely nods to the otherworldly swagger of songs like David Bowie’s “As the World Falls Down” from Labyrinth, casting a dreamy throwback spell.

Chance the Rapper jumps in for the song’s third and final verse, which takes place from the point of view of an uncomfortable interloper enjoying the decadence before meeting a violent end.

The entire production is tinged with a subtle undercurrent of sadness that can’t be defined. But with each verse, you can almost imagine an elevator soaring higher and higher toward the festivities at the top.

Legend’s Darkness and Light arrives Dec. 2, 2016.

Check out the new song above.