LISTEN: John Mayer Debuts His First Original Single in Three Years, ‘Love on the Weekend’

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After a lot of waiting, John Mayer has finally released the first single to his new album.

Titled “Love on the Weekend”, the track is the singer’s first original song in three years. The song, which leans more on the poppy side in comparison to 2013’s Paradise Valley, will be featured on his seventh studio album, which is said to be released some time next year.

Last month, the drummer for the John Mayer trio, Steve Jordan, accidentally let slipped that the much anticipated record will be called The Search for Everything.

“There are more songs than can fit on your standard sized album,” Mayer said about his forthcoming LP during a Facebook Live Q&A on Thursday (Nov. 17, 2016). “But I do think next year is the year of more music coming than I’ve ever put out in one year.”