WATCH: Ariana Grande Argues with Ariana Grande in the Ad for Her New Fragrance 

Ariana Grande is rolling out her perfume Sweet Like Candy with a new cavity-causing commercial.

In the ad, an ice cream truck gets in an apparent collision with a candy stand…both ran by adorable Arianas. The identical pop stars feud over who’s responsible amid the tasty goodness that litters the street as a third Ariana sips coffee and watches from a café.

Just as the volatile situation is about to escalate, the third Grande intervenes by climbing on the roof of the ice cream truck and dousing herself in her new fragrance.

Based on the colorful confections scattered everywhere in the ad, not mention the name, it’s probably safe to assume this is a sweeter-smelling perfume…

Sweet Like Candy is available now.

Check out the ad above!